Great Ocean Road Australia road trip

Must-See Locations on Your Perth Roadtrip

Perth offers a unique blend of urban and natural experiences that can be exciting. You can explore numerous attractions within the city and take a memorable road trip to surrounding areas that boast stunning landscapes, breathtaking beaches, and thrilling wildlife encounters.

Great Ocean Road Australia road trip
Great Ocean Road, Australia

Explore the must-visit places in Perth during your road trip with the help of this blog post. Get to know the remarkable destinations that can amaze you and showcase the beauty of Western Australia.


Continuing south from Cottesloe Beach, your next stop should be the historic port town of Fremantle. Known for its well-preserved Victorian architecture, lively arts scene, and bustling markets, Fremantle is a cultural hub that’s brimming with character.

Take a walk through the vibrant streets, visit the fascinating Fremantle Prison, and explore the town’s rich maritime history at the Western Australian Maritime Museum. Don’t forget to sample some local craft beer at one of the town’s numerous breweries, such as Little Creatures or the Monk Brewery & Kitchen.

Rottnest Island

It is recommended to visit Rottnest Island via a short ferry ride from Fremantle if you’re someone who likes outdoor activities and being close to nature. This car-free island houses the charming and sociable quokkas, offering a peaceful retreat from the fast-paced urban lifestyle.

wire fence on the beach

Explore Rottnest Island’s 63 breathtaking beaches, clear bays, and charming lighthouses by renting a bicycle. It’s a great place for diving or snorkelling, with Australia’s most varied marine life, making it an underwater paradise.

You can even rent a campervan to explore this island if you want. Just make sure to consider campervan travel tips for your Perth road trip so that you can have an enjoyable journey. 

Yanchep National Park

Yanchep National Park is situated an hour’s drive north of Perth. It’s an ideal destination for individuals who love nature and wildlife. The park has numerous walking trails that offer the chance to explore beautiful wetlands, lush woodlands, and stunning coastal heath.

Make sure to watch for western grey kangaroos, koalas, and more than 140 types of birds that dwell in this park. Be sure to explore the Crystal Cave, an interesting subterranean limestone cavity containing stalactites, stalagmites, and flowstones.

Pinnacles Desert

Further north, approximately two hours from Perth lies the otherworldly landscape of the Pinnacles Desert in Nambung National Park. This unique destination features thousands of limestone pillars rising from the golden sands, creating an eerie and captivating scene.

Take your time to explore these natural formations that can be as high as five meters. You can also learn about the geological history that led to their formation.

Plan your visit around sunrise or sunset, when the soft light casts dramatic shadows across the desert and offers an unforgettable photographic opportunity.

Lancelin Sand Dunes

Just a short drive from the Pinnacles Desert, the Lancelin Sand Dunes offer a thrilling adventure for adrenaline junkies. These massive, white sand dunes are the perfect spot for sandboarding, with slopes catering to both beginners and experienced boarders.

Rent a sandboard from one of the local shops and hit the dunes for an exhilarating ride down the sandy slopes. If sandboarding isn’t your thing, you can also explore the dunes via quad bike or 4WD for an equally thrilling experience.

Margaret River

For those interested in food and wine, a visit to the Margaret River region is a must when travelling south from Perth. With over 200 vineyards and 100+ wineries, it is a renowned wine-producing area and a popular destination for wine lovers in Australia. You can enjoy a relaxing drive through the scenic vineyards, where you’ll have the opportunity to sample wines at various cellar doors.

Besides its wine, Margaret River is renowned for its excellent food scene. You can find restaurants specializing in farm-to-table cuisine, as well as expert cheese and chocolate makers. Your taste buds will be delighted!

Busselton Jetty

If you head towards the southern coast, you’ll find the lovely town of Busselton. Here, you can see the Southern Hemisphere’s longest timber-piled jetty, which is almost 2 kilometres long. It’s an amazing engineering feat and a famous tourist spot. You can take a relaxing walk along the jetty or ride on the solar-powered train that takes visitors to the end.

Make sure to visit the Underwater Observatory for the chance to descend eight meters beneath the water’s surface and witness the vibrant coral and sea creatures that live in the nearby waters.


From pristine beaches and unique wildlife encounters to world-class wine regions and stunning natural landscapes, Western Australia offers something for everyone. Embark on a Perth road trip and discover the diverse and captivating experiences that await you in this extraordinary part of the world.