Jet Skiing For Beginners: 6 Things You Need To Know

Jet skiing is super fun and great to experience, especially if you haven’t tried it before. But safety must come first too! Whether you’re completely new to the whole idea of jet skiing or if you’ve tried it a few times. There are a few things you must know before trying it out again. Sick from coming to the beach to sunbathe and looking to do something fun on the water? Jet skiing is your key! It can be slightly scary if you’re new to riding but your fears and worries can go away after you’ve read this guide.

Here are the 6 crucial things you need to know before jet skiing.

Be Prepared!

Before you start, you need to make sure you’re 100% prepared! Checking the fuel before you go into the water, making sure you’re wearing the right gear. This doesn’t mean wearing a life jacket only, it also means the right shoes too. Just to be on the safe side, it’s important to have someone with you if it’s your first time, especially someone that can drive a jet ski too. Having the proper documentation according to the law is also crucial before going out on the water.

Don’t Hold Too Tightly, But Not Too Loose!

You’re looking to be comfortable while riding and making the most fun out there too! The key is in the way you’re adjusting to the jet ski while you’re on it. Holding the driver’s waist is critical to avoid falling over, but don’t hold onto them too tight because you’re limiting the driver to properly drive the jet ski! If you’re in the driver’s place, try to relax as much as possible, don’t be too stiff on the brakes. Keeping your body loose and making sure you’re enjoying the moment is important to really experience the fun out of jet skiing.

Spots to Avoid

Shallow areas are a big no-no when driving a jet ski. A jet ski is considered like a powerful vacuum, if you get close to a shallow space or land, your jet ski will start sucking up sand and rocks. Make sure that when you’re closer to the land and the water is about waist deep, turn the jet ski engine off and coast into the land. Sometimes things can easily get sucked up from the water and you would hardly notice it. So it’s important to keep your chances low as much as possible.

Falling Off? No Worries!

With the modernized jet skis, it has become almost essential to fall off the jet ski to get the full experience! Make sure your jet ski has a reboarding step so that it’s easier for you to get back on if you fall! The worst that could happen when you fall off is not being able to easily get off the jet ski. Don’t worry yourself too much, but the first thing you must quickly do is pushing yourself up as much as possible. Because at this point, you’re not only carrying yourself, you’re carrying the water as well!

Jet Ski GPS

Yes, technology has evolved and some jet skis have GPS too! What’s important about a jet ski GPS is that you’ll be able to explore without any worries whatsoever because no matter what, you’ll always be able to find your way back! It’s a huge advantage that can be used to navigate much easier and faster. And if you have access to a good GPS, you’ll be able to save the locations of new camping spots or good fishing points that you can get back to later! It might sound like an added value that isn’t crucial, but it actually is to experience the whole adventure behind the jet ski.

The Right Jet Ski For You!

With jet skis, you don’t have to worry about how slow or fast it can go. The slowest jet skis can feel like the fastest to beginners and if you’re a beginner, don’t put the speed into much priority. You’ll want to invest on the right jet ski size for you or for your family. An investment in a watercraft is fine, but if you want to make sure that there’s space for other people with you, check out a 3 seater. You want to avoid buying one that isn’t suitable for your body size because it will let your chances to fall become much higher.

Another option would be jet ski rentals. Do a bit of research in your area and find out where you can rent out jet skis. A good place to start would be Fort Lauderdale jet ski rental. These kinds of sites are a better option as a beginner because you’ll be able to get practice, as well as not really have to worry about which kind of jet ski is right because a professional will be helping you out.

Enjoy The Water Adventure!

Jet skiing gives you such a huge feeling of the adrenaline rush the more you speed up or the more you explore the water. It’s good to have a more adventurous thing to do besides sunbathing at the beach. It pushes you towards feeling the beach breeze just right and relaxing. Whether you’re a hyperactive person or a more chill person, a jet ski will always cater your happiness. Just make sure you keep these 6 crucial tips before riding out on the water!

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