If you want to travel more, pay attention to these 5 tips


Humans love to travel – the figures are conclusive: apart from a blip when the global economy tanked in 2008, the number of tourist ‘arrivals’ has gone up every year, from 563 million in 1996 to 1.3 billion in 2017.

Tourism gets easier every year, so how do we take advantage of this to ensure that we, as the keenest of travellers, go on as many trips as possible? Here are five tips to get you on your way…

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Get the right job

Get a job that involves travel. Honestly, this is such an obvious way to see more of the world and, because you’ll be working somewhere else, you’ll have a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture as well.

You don’t have to become an airline pilot to do this. But you do have to sit down and draw up a list of jobs you could do overseas.

Chalet cleaner? Diving instructor? Charity worker? Be inventive – include jobs you could do with only a little training.

You won’t be alone in your search, especially among the younger generations – 39% of millennial and Generation Z workers won’t take a job unless it lets them travel.

Which brings us to tip number two…


Bleisure: Ugly word, beautiful concept

Combining business trips with leisure (bleisure) is a big deal. If your employer frowns on this, move jobs.

It’s just nuts to go somewhere fabulous on a business trip and not try to experience more than an airport hotel and a stuffy boardroom.

According to Forbes, 57% of companies let employees extend business trips.

It’s not just good for employees, it’s good for the planet too – you are already taking that flight, so make the most of the trip you are already taking instead of booking more flights and causing more pollution.


Be smart with your smartphone

A reported 48% of smartphone users in the US are comfortable booking and planning trips on their mobile devices, and you can follow suit by researching your next trip wherever you happen to be – be it at a coffee shop, or waiting for the bus.

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Catch up on your favourite bloggers like yours truly for hot tips and search for deals on travel portals, too.

If nothing else, getting busy with your mobile will fill you with inspiration, and remind you that you are actually working for a purpose: to travel.


Declutter your life

Live a minimalist lifestyle at home, and it becomes so much easier to up sticks and head off the moment an opportunity arises.

Yes, that might mean you pass up the chance to get that kitten you’ve always wanted. It might mean you rent a small room that won’t be a burden if you get the opportunity to go overseas but still have bills to pay. It also means you won’t have ‘stuff’ to miss when you’re actually travelling. Bonus, huh?


Three nights, two days

Weekend trips are your friend. Weekends start on a Friday night, so you can be at your destination by Saturday morning and not have to return until… well, are you brave enough to risk a Monday morning flight back to work?

Set some targets – perhaps one weekend trip per month, more if you can afford it. The miles will soon mount up and, with a bit of planning, you’ll quickly get good at spotting the best deals. Bon voyage!

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    Great Article,
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    safe travel

    Fantastic article April! You taught me so much! As someone who has never identified as Type A, you manage to give me a great perspective on the importance of planning for both Project Management and Travel. Thank you for creating this guide as I’m definitely sticking to it when I start planning my next trip. Look out for my travel hashtags!!

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    You bring up a good point, I’d much rather look like a tourist than get miserably lost! I want to make 2016 a year of traveling. I figured I have the time and the means might as well make it happen before life gets too busy. Thanks for the tips!


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