Guide To Pirates Week in Cayman Islands: A Must-Experience festival

Like Cayman Islands, no other Caribbean nation commemorates its tradition and pirate legends, which evolves into an eye-catching festival of pageantry during the annual Pirates Week in November. Being the premiere of Cayman Islands’ national carnival, this upcoming Pirates Week is waiting for you to emerge yourself into the fun activities. With games, parades, fireworks, and music, there are so many things for every swashbuckler to enjoy. Want to know more about this outstanding Pirates Week? Read on to know more!

Owen Island in Little Cayman


About Pirates Week Festival

Indulge in the buccaneer spirit for the Cayman Islands captivating Pirates Week festival, an 11th-day party filled with games, rock music, pirate activities, and street dances. You must be excited about the upcoming festival in the Caribbean!

biking little cayman

Biking on the main “road” around Little Cayman

But when is the best time to visit the Caribbean? You shouldn’t worry! If attending Pirates Week is your main intention to visit the Caribbean, November is the best month to have a blast. However, the festivities commence with a pompous party and a steel pan competition. This continues with the grand opening Food Festival and Street Dance.

Moreover, the first whole day of the Pirates Week festival is wrapped up with a spectacular fireworks display. Then, as the party continues the next auspicious day with a mock pirate annexation, they ship the port to excite the numerous spectators. However, some of the other major events of Pirate Week include 5k and 10k runs, costume contests, children’s funfair day, street dances, a float parade, and many more entertaining activities!


How to Be a Pirate?

Talk like a Pirate

Roll up your sleeves and include these piratic phrases in your vocabulary when speaking with other swashbucklers.

  • Hello: Ahoy
  • Yes: Aye
  • Check that out: Avast
  • I agree: Arr
  • If someone has finished the run before you, it will be termed “Bilge Rat.”


Parade Like A Pirate

Assemble your neighbors and friends for your own fondness for Pirate Invasion Parade if you can’t partake in real Pirates Week in the Cayman Islands. Follow these:

  • Embellish your cars, floats, bikes, and skateboards
  • For preparing boats to sail the sea, use cardboards
  • Old sheets can be used for sailing purposes
  • Ingeniousness is a leading part of the Pirate parade
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Eat Like A Pirate

Indulge in the delicious and gourmet dishes that Cayman offers to mitigate the appetite of the pirates who sail the sea. The Pirates Week provides various delicacies:

  • Wahoo or mahi mahi: Fried Fish
  • Turtle: Smothered turtle meat served hot with rice and peas
  • Rundown: either fish-based or salted beef stew, which incorporates coconut milk, potatoes, and dumplings
  • Conch Stew: A smooth and buttery concoction of dumplings, conch, scotch bonnet, coconut milk server over white rice
  • Breadkind: Cassava or Breadfruit (The starchy foods)


Pirates Week 2021

Every November, the Cayman Islands host a pompous annual Pirates Week Festival, complete with a super-amazing mock-pirate “invasion” from the ocean. Being the country’s grandeur celebration over the last 40 years, it has successfully tempted 35000 patrons. It now encloses 32 specific events, whereas past occasions included 8 street dances only! Moreover, some of the previous Pirates Week activities included:

  • a float parade and landing pageant
  • kids fun day
  • five heritage days
  • two swim meets
  • two teen music nights
  • a darts tournament
  • firework shows
  • song contest
  • an underwater treasure hunt
  • two running races

Pirates Week 2021 will be running from 11th November Thursday to 15th November Monday. However, no other Caribbean island organizes such pirate festivities on such a massive scale as the Cayman Islands.

Every night of this pompous festival, there performs an after-party happy hour alongside an enormous pyrotechnic show. So, feel free to get all dolled up in your favorite pirate or wench costume to feel the party vibe. Don’t get caught without a wrench or pirate costume as:

  • It’s your party
  • The Party source is Cayman


Party Like A Pirate

Does all the rum disappear suddenly? It may happen mainly at one of the various Pirate Week-themed parties throw around Cayman Island. Therefore, pay a visit to the local favorites such as Royal Palms and Cayman Cabana. Embrace both the mix of mainstream music and local ones as you get to mingle with partygoers and participate in the celebrations, which are set to last until the prior hours.

little cayman beach resort


Explore Local Unique Treasures

The buzzing Cayman Craft Market is the best-in-class place to visit during the commotion of Pirates Week. The Government of Cayman Islands takes the initiative as an avenue for the local artisans to demonstrate their indigenous and creative arts and crafts.

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The ostentatious Cayman Festival with a kick-off party and happy hour will start on Thursday 11th November. The next day, the celebration will showcase a mesmerizing fireworks display over Harbour Drive, which follows the rhythms of the best live music coming out from the main stage.

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