great wall of china

Extraordinary Tourist Attractions in China during Covid 19

Chinese tourist attractions are definitely among the most popular in the entire world. The country offers really amazing wonders, structures, objects, and natural beauties you have no chance to see anywhere else in the world. That’s why millions of foreign visitors from all corners of the Earth arrive in China on a yearly basis.

great wall of china


Unfortunate Blow to the Tourism Industry

The tourism industry is, therefore, one of the important ones for the country’s progress and development. It provides a lot to both parties so all can benefit from the cooperation. However, the world is not the same in the last few years. The Covid crisis has caused many problems for all countries so all have been forced to introduce and implement various health safety measures.

China was one of the most affected by negative circumstances. The virus was regarded as a domestic product so the government did everything to prevent further spreading. The measures were really strict and the borders were entirely closed. No one was able to enter the country with a Chinese visa, and the tourist industry suffered a lot because of the situation.


Best World’s Tourist Attractions Empty and Abandoned

Great tourist attractions were entirely abandoned during those bad moments, and it was probably the first time in history that something similar happened. In regular circumstances, China records tens of millions of visitors on a yearly basis. That’s indeed a remarkable number of tourists very few countries can achieve. China is, however, unique and many locations attract the attention of a very large number of foreigners.


The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China is the largest structure human beings have ever made in the world. The object was built on the top of the hills and mountains, and it continuously stretches the surface of these in the length of 21,196 kilometers in total. The Wall is 6 to 7 meters high on average and the structure is indeed thick and massive. The wall was built 2,700 years ago, and the operation was performed by over 100,000 workers.

The intention behind the idea was the protection of the Chinese territory. The Wall could prevent the massive attack of a foreign army, and it would be very hard to overcome such a massive obstacle. This structure does not serve that purpose anymore. It is now just a historical monument of great importance, totally unique in the entire world. You cannot see anything similar anywhere else, and this is a special Chinese attraction.


Other Amazing Locations

However, it is not the only one, and there are other amazing and extraordinary locations in this country. These are the Forbidden City and Imperial Palace, the Terracotta Army, The Summer Palace, the Yangtze and Li rivers, the Classical Gardens of Suzhou, The Potala Palace in Tibet among others. Each of these locations is a remarkable and important tourist destination. The objects are usually made following a style of traditional Chinese architecture, while the natural beauties are the real world’s gems. The country is indeed large so you will maybe not manage to visit all of these locations in a single stay. But you will still accomplish a big task even if you succeed in visiting at least a few of them. That’s because they all provide an amazing experience you will not forget until the end of your lifetime.


China Has a Lot to Offer

As the most populous country with approximately 1.4 billion citizens, China has really large metropolises. Some of them have even more than 20 million residents so they are in a group of the biggest world cities. Such places have a lot to offer. There are numerous hotels, motels, hostels, restaurants, clubs, pubs, bars, sports objects, parks, promenades, sidewalks, and other sorts of infrastructure important for relaxation and fun.

The guests can, of course, use the opportunity in order to improve their vacation at the location. There are different sorts of hotels from the modest to the most luxurious ones. The prices are, however, different so you can select the most appropriate one in accordance with your needs and budgets. The restaurants and clubs are great when it comes to tasting traditional Chinese cuisine and exploring the nightlife. The two aspects are important parts of every quality vacation, and China definitely has a lot to offer regarding that matter.

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