Despite COVID, New York is ready to Boost Tourism

Subway services, indoor restaurants with capacity limits, recreational spaces, and workplaces in New York are returning to normal. However, it is still necessary to maintain a safe distance. In short, COVID-19 restrictions are lifting off by the local government as 3.2 million people received the vaccine. This victory against COVID-19 is also affecting the tourism industry.

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Tourism after COVID-19 in New York

Since the beginning of the year 2020, COVID-19 is affecting the tourism industry in New York City. The situation is not specific to NYC, but almost the entire planet earth shuts down following health safety measures for their citizens. According to a report, the steep fall in the number of tourists was challenging for the economy. However, the situation is drastically changing as the local government is trying to bring lives in New York City back to normal.

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In 2019, almost 66m tourists entered the city to enjoy themselves with or without their families and was considered one of the most visited tourist spots in the world. However, the number falls to 22.9m in 2020 as the government imposed traveling limits. These restrictions affected the tourism industry and the economy of the city. By 2019, $72bn people visit the city providing business to more than 400,000 jobs. However, as government assures the industry that they will support the recovery of tourism in the city, New Yorkers are happy and excited. Below, we will discuss how the tourist industry starts to flourish from May 2021.

Things are Changing

After struggling for more than 14 months the life in New York City is changing. When the local government forced restrictions on the city, workforces started to adopt work from home instead of the office. This led to businesses becoming vacant. However, experts are expecting employees to return to their normal routine. About half of the employees will start to work from their offices soon.

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This also encourages the government to focus on their tourist industry and opens top museums and restaurants. According to the authorities, tourists visiting New York City will receive the vaccination. The mayor of New York City plans to park vaccination vans around New York City at popular tourist spots.

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Therefore, anyone who wishes to receive the vaccine can visit the professionals in these vans. In an interview, D Blasio delivers a positive message to the tourists. He says that they can come to New York as it is now a safe place to travel. Furthermore, he ensures that the local government will take care of their tourists.

Considering this news, traveling agencies are offering their revised travel package deals. Now people can more effectively plan their trips to New York. Let’s understand the situation and take a journey from the outbreak of COVID-19 to the current situation.

Guidelines for Tourists

In 2021, travel across the US has experienced a resurgence like no other. People have been traveling nonstop to the big national parks like Zion and Bryce Canyon. Since New York’s state government declared that they are now a safe place to travel, many international and domestic tourists are ready to travel. However, the government still ensures to promote CDC guidelines. If you are anywhere in New York State, you have to follow the travel advisory published by the government.

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Visit the link and go through their COVID-19 travel advisory before arriving. The government still urges the citizens and the travelers to wear masks and maintain social distancing. Here is some information that you should follow while traveling to New York:

· For Domestic Travelers

At the moment, asymptomatic domestic travelers do not have to follow the guideline. They no longer have to fulfill the testing requirements, stay in quarantine, and endure work furlough. Also, if you are an unvaccinated domestic traveler without any recovery from COVID-19 within the last three months, then you should get tested within 3 to 5 days of your arrival. Regardless of the test result, you have to maintain a safe distance from other people in the public area. Remember to stay in self-quarantine for 7 to 10 days upon arrival in New York State.

· For International Travelers

CDC and NYS ensure that the international traveler reaches the state after getting vaccinated. As an international traveler, you have to comply with the traveling guidelines suggested by CDC. These guidelines indicate that you cannot board airplanes unless your test results are negative or you have recovered from COVID-19 in the previous three months.

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If you are an asymptomatic international traveler, you don’t have to undergo the testing requirements, stay in quarantine, and endure work furlough while in New York State. Read the COVID-19 travel advisory for further information about the guidelines regarding vaccinated and unvaccinated international travelers.

Another thing that you should remember while you are in the state is to check if the attractions and public places are open. As New York’s state government recently announced, easing the regulations for COVID-19, some businesses are still returning to normal settings. Therefore, you need to check their social media accounts, website, or Google map to ensure their availability.

If you are taking a travel package deal, you do not have to worry about checking the location before visiting. Your travel partner will strategically plan all your destinations so you have the best time while traveling.


Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the Big Apple is an amazing place to travel. It has amazing things to offer that will make your trip memorable. Many tourists who wanted to have an amazing time and relax with their family can visit the popular destination. As the weather grows hotter and the government revokes restrictions, New York City will be the best place to travel. After waiting for over one year in disappointment, this news can excite the tourist willing to travel to this city that never sleeps.

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