The Perfect Travel Itinerary For Slovenia

Slovenia, one of the most beautiful countries in the Balkans, is a perfect place to spend a week. Slovenia is a small country with only 2.1m people but packed with alpine mountains, thick [...]


The Perfect One And Two Day Itinerary For Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia’s, is moments away from its European spotlight. It’s not as popular as nearby hotspots like Dubrovnik, or Prague, but it deserves to be. I [...]


The Ultimate Guide To Visiting Lake Bled, Slovenia

There exists fewer places more picturesque and just so damn cute on planet Earth than Lake Bled. Take my word, I’ve visited many countries, and many lakes for that matter but this tiny [...]


The Ultimate Travel Guide For Ljubljana, Slovenia

Did you ever visit Slovenia? It is a small country in the south Europe that has various natural beauties for you to see and explore. However, this time I will guide on a tour around its capital [...]