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Is Singapore Really The World’s Most Expensive City?

The Jewel waterfall Singapore CHangi airport

In the global narrative of urban living, Singapore has etched its name as a shining example of economic prowess, technological advancement, and cultural diversity. However, one label that consistently accompanies this city-state is that of being the world’s most expensive…

What I Dislike About Living In Singapore

Supertree Forest Singapore Gardens by the Bay

Singapore is a great place to live and I detailed why I love living in Singapore in a previous post. However, there is always two sides to the story and I can’t have a post singing Singapore’s praises without providing…

Best Cafes To Work From In Singapore

plain vanilla tiong bahru singapore cafe

Singapore is a beautiful cosmopolitan city that has a plethora of fantastic cafes perfect for working. Singapore being the financial hub of Southeast Asia is home to millions of workers. In the age of remote work and hybrid work, finding…