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How Travel Will Be Changed By Coronavirus And My Predictions For The Future

With every travel blogger grounded for the foreseeable future, I now have a lot of time to do nothing about read news about Coronavirus and think endlessly about its impact.  ...
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Canary islands surfing

Best Surfing Destinations in Europe

The idea of surfing destinations would typically bring us to think about being in the chilly seas of Australia, sunny coasts of California, or unforgiving waves of Hawaii. We already ...
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Ostend frankfurt views

Living In Frankfurt During Coronavirus

Recently, I was in the beautiful island of Bonaire in the Caribbean scuba diving at my leisure. The trip quickly turned hectic as I visited in Mar 2020 amidst the ...
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Cape Town South africa beach

Why South Africa Is The Perfect Destination To Learn English

Are you keen to study English abroad? Having troubles deciding where to go? Well I'd say you need to seriously consider putting South Africa at the top of your list ...
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5 Mistakes People Make On Their First Trip to Bangkok

Southeast Asia is a region that has many incredible places to tour. I've been to so many wonderful places whether it's for scuba diving, or for visiting ancient temples. However, ...
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How to Make the Most Out of Your Visit to Alaska

When people think of visiting the United States their minds immediately flit between the sunny shores of Los Angeles, California to the dizzying heights of the skyscrapers in New York ...
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1000 steps bonaire diving scuba

The Ultimate Travel And Diving Guide For Bonaire

Adorned with crystal clear blue water and a laid back vibe, Bonaire in the Caribbean is one of the most famous islands for scuba diving and an absolute gem of ...
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panorama lounge lufthansa frankfurt

Lounge Review: T1 Lufthansa Panorama Lounge at Frankfurt Airport

If you're flying Lufthansa from Frankfurt International Airport, then you have a plethora of lounges to choose from. Terminal 2 is the terminal to be if you have Priority pass ...
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The Ultimate Guide to Travel the World as a Digital Nomad

Digital nomads are people who work remotely and can perform their jobs from anywhere in the world. The only real requirement that you need to become one is a stable ...
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neuschwanstein castle bavaria

Neuschwanstein Castle: Ultimate Guide To Visiting Bavaria’s Disney Castle

Germany is the land of the castles. Not just any castles either, the most storybook, picturesque, and cutest castles you can imagine. No other castle is more iconic and known ...
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