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Djemaa El Fna

72 Hours in Marrakech, Morocco

Having traveled all around Europe the past weeks, it was time to mix it up and go somewhere different for a change. Morocco had always been one of those places ...
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Rome Italy

48 Hours in Rome, Italy

For my next European city, I knew there were still so many places to see and as always, so little time. I wanted to go somewhere less traveled by the ...
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48 Hours in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam was the only planned trip I had coming to Europe as all others were booked on a whim 2 days before departure. My good friend/co-worker who is also in ...
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48 Hours in Budapest, Hungary

Looking for something to do over the Easter weekend as the UK gets Friday and Monday off, I learned from some colleagues that has a feature where you can ...
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48 Hours In Barcelona, Spain

Upon discovering I could finally leave for London Thursday, March 21st around noon, for a flight that I had scheduled for 8pm that evening, I immediately booked a flight from ...
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My NYC Restaurant List

If you ate somewhere different for lunch and dinner, every day for the rest of your life, you still could not eat at every restaurant in New York City. In ...
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What I’ve Learned in New York

I was but a mere 22 years old when I moved to this great city. Having lived in Seattle for high school and college, I became restless and craved something new, something ...
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Still stranded in America!

So as many may have noticed, I am still on the northern hemisphere and still surrounded by the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. I was originally slated to leave Feb 23rd ...
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Welcome to my Blog!

Hey everyone! Welcome to my Blog that I will be using to keep track of my life and travels while I'm overseas. For people that don't know yet, I am ...
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