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Man vs Food Joburg, Part 1

Restaurants and good food. Without a doubt, my greatest weakness. The one thing I can't get enough of and fortunately (or unfortunately) have a stomach large enough to chow by ...
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BMW dealership south africa

Buying And Selling A Car In South Africa

Undoubtedly one of the biggest hassles an expat will endure is buying a car in a foreign country. My company gave me a rental car for 3 months and nearing ...
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First Two Months In South Africa

And just like that, it's been two months in the Rainbow! As a continuation of what I wrote when I first got here, two months means two more months to ...
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A Weekend at Thandeka Lodge

One of the must dos in South Africa is to visit a private game reserve. There are hundreds of them in South Africa as families are allowed to own land ...
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Kruger safari

72 Hours in Kruger National Park, South Africa

Note that this post about the Kruger National Park is not written by Johnny but rather his wonderful girlfriend Erica! Taking my first opportunity to visit Johnny in South Africa, ...
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Pumping Iron – South Africa Edition

Prior to coming to SA, I only knew a few things about the country; Cape Town, Apartheid and Nelson Mandela, Safaris, and of course that it hosted the 1975 Mr ...
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Ultimate Guide To Apartment Hunting in Johannesburg, South Africa

The thought of finding a place to live in a foreign country is daunting to most, myself included. Whether you're buying a house or looking for an apartment to rent, ...
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First Two Weeks In South Africa

I've finally arrived in South Africa, land of the 11 languages and the Rainbow Nation. I feel like I've done so much yet so little my first two weeks here ...
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South Africa Visa

South African Work Visa Explained

First thing's first. The SA government wants you to visit. They'd love for you to spend your money on a safari all day every day because what developing country wouldn't ...
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Djemaa El Fna

72 Hours in Marrakech, Morocco

Having traveled all around Europe the past weeks, it was time to mix it up and go somewhere different for a change. Morocco had always been one of those places ...
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