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48 Hours In Munich, Germany

Munich is the capital of Bavaria, the most southern province of Germany. Bavaria has lots of tradition which often get mistakenly associated with the whole country. Nevertheless the ridiculously large ...
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48 Hours In Vienna, Austria

Vienna, once the home of the Hapsburg Dynasty, it is now the capital of Austria and a city of incredible classical architecture. Between world-class museums, lavish royal palaces, elegant cafés and ...
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Top Five Neighborhoods In Lisbon, Portugal

Lively Lisbon is a city bursting with color on every corner. With playfully painted buildings, bold-colored cars, healthy greenery, and unforgettable sunsets, the hues of Lisbon are a welcome break ...
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48 Hours In Berlin, Germany

Berlin is often referred to as the "poor, but sexy" city that is the political and cultural capital of Germany. When many people think of Germany, images of cute girls in Dirndle's, guys ...
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The Ultimate Travel Guide For Petra, Jordan

The mystical sandstone city of Petra has entranced and mystified travelers for ages. Famously described as "a rose red city half as old as time," this stunning UNESCO World Heritage site ...
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Cape Town table mountain from lions head

Cost of Living in Cape Town, South Africa

Following up on my post about Cost of Living in Joburg, I thought it was only appropriate to do a similar cost of living for Cape Town, my favorite city in ...
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Dahab Diving Blue Hole

Ultimate Travel and Diving Guide For Dahab, Egypt

Undoubtedly the thought of Egypt invokes pyramids and camels, tombs and temples, caches of the most ancient civilizations lying beneath the desert, not the divers paradise of Dahab. What's lesser ...
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Philae Temple Museum Egypt

Ultimate Egypt Travel Guide

From the most ancient of pyramids and temples, to wandering oases in the desert, to chilling out and exploring the beautiful reefs of the Red Sea, Egypt has it all. From ...
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star wars tozeur tunisia

Visiting The Star Wars Sets In Tunisia’s Sahara Desert

When you talk Star Wars, most people think of galaxies far far away. But all those exotic planets from the movies were filmed on earth, specifically Tunisia. Four of the Star Wars ...
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The Ultimate Tunisia Travel Guide

Tunisia is not a well known destination and is overshadowed by nearby tourist hotspot, Morocco and maybe a bit of Egypt.. Most people probably couldn't even pick it out on a ...
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