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Ultimate Guide To Diving in Komodo, Indonesia

Part two of my divemaster series focuses on the diving itself in Komodo. Whether you're thinking of diving at a dive resort, or a liveaboard with the many operators available ...
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Ultimate Guide To Becoming A Divemaster: What, Why, How, And Where?

I recently completed my divemaster internship after spending a month in Komodo, Indonesia. It was divers paradise to say the least. The original plan was to live blog my experiences ...
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waterfront table mountain

South Africa Travel With A Family

South Africa for traveling with family – fun mix of activities, stunning scenery and wildlife The following article is a guest post written by one of my readers, Paul Trevino ...
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The Ultimate Guide To Angkor Wat, Cambodia

For many, the purpose of visiting Siem Reap and Cambodia is to see the great temples of Angkor. Hidden in the dense, humid jungles of Cambodia, this incredible complex was only ...
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The Ultimate One Day Itinerary And Travel Guide To Singapore

While Singapore is often treated as a gateway stop to the rest of South East Asia, one can't go wrong with spending a few days in this most Cosmopolitan of cities. While ...
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South Africa is the Perfect Choice for Your Gap Year, Here’s Why!

A lot of people face big decisions when they finish school, and they have to be decisive. You have the choice to continue your education, go straight into work, or ...
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Everything You Need to Know About African Safari

When it comes to a vacation 'bucket list,' a once in a lifetime safari trip comes up trumps a lot of the time. Encountering the African wildlife first-hand is not ...
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Kobe Beef Ishida

Eating Kobe Beef In Kobe: A Life Changing Experience

Kobe Beef. For most, this invokes thoughts of a mysterious but undeniably delicious cow from the Far East that is every bit as myth as it is reality. Thoughts of ...
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Diving cozumel

Ultimate Guide to Cozumel, Mexico

Update 2018: I came back to Cozumel for a 3rd time in May, 2018 and absolutely loved my third visit. It really changed my view of the island, especially the ...
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48 Hours In Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, also known as the “Merchant’s harbor” was once a port town, and now the capital of Denmark. It’s an easy flight from most places in Europe, and nowadays, Norwegianair ...
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