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The Best Restaurants In Canggu, Bali For Dinner And Lunch (2024)

Bali is one of my favorite places in the world. I spent many months living in Bali during the pandemic and it was for a lack of better wording, paradise on Earth. One of the main reasons Bali was such a special place to live in was the incredible restaurant scene. I stayed in Canggu, Berawa, and Pererenan for most of my stay and the amount of high level food options was just incredible.

Beautiful views bali cafe
Coffee with these views? yes please.

If you’re planning to also come and stay long term in Bali, make sure to read why I love living on the Island of the Gods and please for the love of all that is holy, do not just stay in Canggu and be a bum the entire time. Explore Bali because there is SO much to see and the rest of Indonesia because it is just amazing! Like this amazing photo of Raja Ampat on my dive liveaboard!raja ampat diving beautiful ocean

Finally, if you’re planning to visit Bali and want recommendations for places to stay, make sure to check out my post about the best villas and hotels in Canggu!

smoothie bowls for days bali
Bali is king of the smoothie bowls

Canggu is home to exceptionally beautiful restaurants

One of the things that makes Bali stand out is the sheer amount of high end dining you can do in such a small place. Not only will you find the most beautiful cafes in the world, but Bali is every much an island but offers elevated dining options you’d only find in big cities like Bangkok or Singapore.

I’m a big fan of local cuisine and Indonesia is no different. I love eating local dishes like Babi Guling and Soto Ayam but when you want Western options, Bali has them and they are actually very delicious. The restaurant scene in Bali is incredibly competitive so you have ample options at a very competitive price.

After living in Bali for many months, I still haven’t been to so many of the restaurants. In addition, there are always new restaurants popping up every week.

Cafes and brunch go together in Bali

In one of my previous articles, I wrote about the best cafes in Canggu to work from. This list had all my favorite cafes with beautiful and open interiors perfect for being a digital nomad. This list will focus on just the best cafes to drink coffee, and eat breakfast at.

Ubud Cafes: Best Places in Bali for Breakfast and Brunch

There will be some overlap between the two lists as expected but this list will have many more options for those that don’t need the digital nomad aspect in their cafe. In Bali, there are few cafes that don’t also serve a comprehensive food menu so this list will be rating coffee and food. Don’t expect an espresso bar like in Italy because that’s simply not the vibe here.

In this post, I won’t write about cafes for breakfast/brunch as that’s just an entirely separate category. Many of these cafes are open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner but for this post, I’m focusing on full service restaurant that only do lunch and dinner. Many of the restaurants on this list are actually only open for dinner.

How much are restaurants in Bali?

Bali, especially in Canggu, is home to some of the trendiest and priciest restaurants on the island. But how much is “pricey” in Bali? Not as much as you think. Prices in Bali are exceptionally low for the quality and service that you receive.

The Rustic Bali Jatiluwih Restaurant

At a high end restaurant which much of this list comprises, you can expect to pay between IDR 150k to 250k per dish. If you’re eating high end steak, then of course you can expect to pay more.

At a less trendy and Instagram-worthy restaurant, the dishes get much cheaper between 75k IDR to 150k IDR per dish. Finally, if you go to casual eateries, you can expect to pay under 100k IDR or even 50k per dish.

Alcohol is generally more expensive on Bali but nothing like what you’d pay in Singapore for example. A glass of wine will be somewhere between 90k to 130k IDR and a cocktail will be in a similar range. Again, not super cheap like you’d find in parts of Europe, but considering Indonesia is a Muslim country with high taxes on alcohol, it’s not that bad of a price.

Without further ado, here is the list! Note that this list will be constantly updated and maintained as new restaurants open and older restaurants close!

Skool Kitchen

Skool is one of my favorite restaurants in Canggu. It’s a rooftop restaurant located right above the Lawn beach club offering has fantastic views of Canggu beach. The open concept restaurant is decorated beautifully with rattan and plush chairs. Skool has and outdoor seating area equipped with an outside bar where you can enjoy the sunset while listening to the waves crash.

skool kitchen bali restaurant

The food at Skool is over the charcoal grill themed. Everything here is cooked BBQ style including many of the side dishes. In fact, I thought the side dishes were the star with things like grilled cauliflower, mac and cheese, eggplant and more. For the meat, I can highly recommend the grilled chicken which is the cheapest and most tasty dish on their menu. The steaks weren’t particularly impressive especially after eating so many times at Batubara in Ubud.

Make sure to make a reservation as the restaurant is popular. If the restaurant is full, consider sitting at the kitchen countertop tables which offer you direct views of the grill!

Address: Jl. Pura Dalem, Canggu, Kec. Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia

Opening Hours:

Thursday5 PM–12 AM
Friday5 PM–12 AM
Saturday5 PM–12 AM
Sunday5 PM–12 AM
Monday5 PM–12 AM
Tuesday5 PM–12 AM
Wednesday5 PM–12 AM

Tanau Bali

Located in Umalas, Tanau serves without a doubt the best food I’ve had in Bali. The meal I had here was nothing short of exceptional. Tanau specializes in elevated Indonesian fare that blends traditional flavors with new styles. The restaurant is owned and run by an Indonesian woman with her British husband.

The unassuming restaurant has a small space in the heart of Umalas and while it might not be as splashy when it comes to ambiance and decor, it more than makes up for in the food. I came here for a birthday dinner with 8 others and sampled the entire menu. From the first bite to the last, I was truly blown away by the food.

For the starters, I had the cauliflower burnt ends, chili and garlic prawns, duck bao, pork bao, clams, and aubergine. For mains, we had perhaps some of the best fish I’ve ever tasted in my life, beef shortrib, pork tenderloin, octopus, and more. All in all, the flavor of this food really blew my mind and if you’re looking for the best food in Bali, look no further than Tanau.

Address: Jl. Bumbak Dauh No.102A, Kerobokan, Kec. Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia

Wednesday5–10 pm
Thursday5–10 pm
Friday5–11 pm
Saturday5–11 pm
Monday5–10 pm
Tuesday5–10 pm


Luma opened up in 2022 so it is a new restaurant in the Canggu scene. Luma is ultra chic inside with upscale finishes and ambiance. They won’t allow men to enter without sleeves which speaks to the scene they’re looking for. Don’t worry, they will provide you with a free shirt if you do come in a tank top.

luma bali restaurant

In addition to the great interior, Luma offers delicious food. Their Mediterranean inspired menu changes almost daily with standout dishes like the grilled fish and lamb shoulder. The burrata cheese is also to die for.

luma bali restaurant

Luma is definitely one of the places you’ll want to book to dress up for an occasion. It’s perfect for a romantic couples dinner or a big group.

Address: Jl. Pantai Batu Bolong No.91, Canggu, Kec. Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia

Opening Hours:

Thursday12–11 PM
Friday12–11 PM
Saturday12–11 PM
Sunday12–11 PM
Monday12–11 PM
Tuesday12–11 PM
Wednesday12–11 PM


Santanera is a Spanish themed restaurant in Canggu in one of the largest and trendiest spaces in Bali. Their two story building is enclosed in glass with beautiful decorations inside and out. There are plenty of tables on the first floor for groups of all sizes as well as a large bar offering delicious cocktails and wine. The Negroni here is one of the better ones I had in Bali.

The food is also incredible with plenty of different options including meats, seafoods, and veggie options.

Anaga Thai

Thai food is among my favorite food in the world and my months spent traveling around Thailand were perhaps my favorite for culinary purposes. There are a few Thai restaurants in Canggu but my favorite one was definitely Anaga Thai. Located in the heart of Berawa, Anaga has a beautiful two floor space that serves amazing Thai food. Perhaps this Thai food won’t blow you away like some of the things you find in Thailand but it is as good as it gets in Bali.

I routinely had their tom yum fried rice as well as pad see ew. The green curry at Anaga was also a great standout item.

La Baracca

La Baracca is my go to Italian restaurant in Canggu. The owners are Italian and the food is authentic. You’ll find typical Italian pastas, pizzas, and other meat dishes. The menu is quite large which is probably not a good thing considering Italian food is about keeping it simple and concise. La Baracca also turns into a great wine bar and their 2nd story balcony is a great place to soak in the views of Canggu (not that they are impressive views).

Lola’s Cantina

Lola’s is the go to spot for Mexican food in Canggu. They have a huge new space on the shortcut overlooking the rice fields. This restaurant has become an institution and is always busy with diners hungry for their guacamole and margaritas. The food here is more Tex-Mex than actual Mexican so don’t expect amazing tacos like you’d find in Mexico City. Nevertheless, the tacos are quite good considering that Mexico is on the other side of the world. The better option is their burrito which is better bang for the buck.

Nevertheless, their beautiful outdoor space is perfect for a casual but slightly vibey dinner and is perfect for big groups looking to get a little rowdy. The place gets busy so make sure to make a reservation in advance.

They also have Taco Tuesdays which sees a rotating list of specials depending on the week.

Hoi An

Hoi An is my go to restaurant for authentic Vietnamese cuisine in Bali. They have all the classics like beef pho, bahn mi, and Bun Bo. I also love their grilled pork and grilled chicken thighs over rice. Hoi An is located right in front of rice fields offering you incredible views that are harder and harder to come by in Canggu.

I came to Hoi An almost weekly as it just offered great food at great value without having to get dressed up. My grilled pork dish was 50k IDR which is incredible value for money for what it is.

1918 Culinaria

1918 is one of a few Georgian restaurants in Canggu that serves authentic and surprisingly delicious Georgian fare. I spent a long time traveling through Georgia as well as eating as much Khinkali as possible so it was very surprising to me when I could get quality khinkali and khatchapuri in a place like Bali.

1918 culinaria canggu bali

1918 doesn’t disappoint with incredible homemade khatchapuri that made me feel like I was back in Georgia again. The khinkali were also incredible (although I wouldn’t mind a little more soup in them) and you could tell the owners give the food the attention to detail it deserves.

1918 culinaria canggu bali

Address: Jl. Canggu Padang Linjong No.38a, Canggu, Kec. Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80351, Indonesia

Opening Hours:

Thursday9am–9:30 PM
Friday9am–9:30 PM
Saturday9am–9:30 PM
Sunday9am–9:30 PM
Monday9am–9:30 PM
Tuesday9am–9:30 PM
Wednesday9am–9:30 PM


Zali serves authentic Lebanese dishes in a great setting in their Pererenan restaurant. You can find dishes like hummus, moutabal, tabbouleh, falafel, kofte, and even manoushe! Yes they have a real stone oven that makes incredible manoushes. The owner comes from Beirut after all so it only makes sense that the food at Zali reminds me of my travels through Lebanon.

The restaurant is beautiful decorated inside and out but it is not overly spacious so do consider making reservations if you’re a bigger group.


Shelter is another incredible dining option available in trendy Pererenan. It’s a new restaurant opened up in 2022 but has made quite the impression as it is always booked out. The restaurant is entirely outdoor with beautiful rattan decorations that fully embrace the Bali vibe.

The food at Shelter is charcoal grilled with a Middle Eastern flare. The menu is very comprehensive and standout dishes like the slow cooked lamb shoulder pita and wood roasted duck leg were fantastic. The vibe is trendy yet welcoming and is perfect for a big group. Make sure to make reservations as this place does get busy!


Canggu is loaded with endless upscale Western options but what about local Indonesian food? There aren’t many restaurants in Canggu serving local food in an elevated setting. Ulekan is one of my favorites. Their beautifully decorated restaurant in Berawa is the perfect place to try Indonesian classics like Beef Rendang and Gado Gado.

In fact, the beef rendang at Ulekan is among my favorite rendang’s in all of Bali. The beef is exceptionally tender and the sauce is full of flavor yet not runny.

Lena’s Kitchen

Lena’s Kitchen is my go to casual restaurant for nasi goreng and other Indonesia favorites. This small restaurant is located right next to the shortcut and honestly makes my favorite Nasi Goreng in Bali. Her restaurant takes Nasi Goreng to the next level with unique spices and flavors that I can’t find anywhere else. The crispy chicken that goes along with the Nasi Goreng is also sublime.

Lena's Kitchen Bali

Don’t fancy rice? Then her handmade noodles should do the trick. These noodles are not your typical Indomie instant noodles (which are also delicious of course) but something even better.

Red Dragon Ramen

Red Dragon is actually in Seminyak on sunset road but it is the best ramen in Bali. There are a ton of ramen restaurants in Canggu but they are all a bit mediocre and not authentic like the ramen I found in Japan. Red Dragon is as close as it gets. They have rich tonkotsu broth with perfectly charred pieces of char siew to accompany.

This ramen shop is kind of in the middle of nowhere and there’s not much of a vibe so I wouldn’t come here for more than a quick bite. Nevertheless, it’s the best ramen in Bali!

Milano for pizza

There are no shortage of pizzerias in Canggu with new Italian restaurants constantly opening up. However, for pizzas, my favorite is still at Milano Restaurant in Berawa directly across from Finn’s beach club. This trendy restaurant has a very inviting exterior and interior.

They have a proper Napoli style pizza oven and the pizzas are as close to the Naples style pizzas as it gets. A soft but crispy crust is what makes the pizza for me and this restaurant has one of the best renditions of this.

Pair the pizza with an aperol spritz or nice glass of wine and it felt like I was traveling through the Amalfi coast again!

milano bali pizza


Sa’Mesa has been consistently ranked as the best restaurant in Bali for a few years now. Sa’Mesa is an Italian restaurant with a traditional family style setting. You’re seated at a big table with 20 other diners with the food coming out in a family style shared setting. Everyone eats the same food prepared on that day with an always changing menu.

The concept is great for Bali as you’re guaranteed to meet other people and have a good time. The negronis and Italian wines here are fantastic which should make the experience easier to swallow. If that isn’t enough, there is always free flow limencello that is included with every meal. Sa’Mesa is perfect for big groups, couples, or even solo travelers as you’ll always meet people.

The price for dining is roughly 0.5m IDR per person before drinks.


Yuki has consistently been one of my favorite restaurants in Canggu. The open air space is modern Scandinavian meets island rattan vibe. They also have outdoor day bed seating if you just want to lounge around for a drink. The restaurant is located just in front of the Canggu beachfront next to the Lawn beach club. Not only is the space incredibly inviting and trendy, the food doesn’t disappoint.

Modern Japanese cuisine is the name of the game at Yuki. We had amazing sushi rolls, yakitori skewers, edamame, grilled octopus, and more. The drinks at Yuki are also fantastic with a comprehensive list of cocktails and wine. Overall, Yuki is a place I keep coming back!

Si Jin

Si Jin, while located in Seminyak, has to be a part of this list. Si Jin is perhaps the best steakhouse on the island and one of the ultimate elevated dining experiences Bali has to offer. This Korean steakhouse is famous for its incredible cuts of steak cooked tableside in a yakiniku style setting. Each course comes with a detailed explanation from the chef along with plenty of drama and flare.

The food itself is absolutely exquisite and the cuts of meat they use are of the highest quality. Expect high end Japanese and Korean cuts of beef. The price is definitely on the higher end at between 1.5m and 2m per person once everything is said and done. Nevertheless, this is perhaps the most difficult reservation to get in Bali. Reservations are released one month in advance and are almost always immediately booked out. If you can score a reservation at Si Jin, don’t look back and go straight for it!

Bonus: Batubara in Ubud

Although this restaurant is not in Canggu, I had to include it on the list. Batubara is without a doubt my favorite steakhouse in Bali. The steak is all grilled over charcoal and done tableside. The meat here is Indonesian beef along with wagyu hybrids. The steak here is exceptionally delicious with some of the most tender cuts for great prices. Batubara is much cheaper than other steakhouses in the Canggu area but offers better meat.

There is also an extensive wine selection that the waiters will help you select to pair perfectly with the Indonesian meats.


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