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Guide To The Best Places to Surf in Africa

The best places to surf in Africa form an incomplete circle around the continent. Grab your board and be ready to travel. From Morroco in the North, to Cape Town in the South; from the warm, sweet Indian Ocean on the east coast, to the cold, wild West coast. Pack your surf gear, grab those binoculars and fit a game drive in between surfs.

camel taghazout morocco surf
Camels at the beach in Taghazout, Morroco


Africa Has the Best Places to Surf

The word Africa rings with images of the Big 5 – huge elephants, rhinos, lions, leopards and buffalos roaming around in vast game reserves. What has surfing got to do with wildlife? A lot! Find one of the best places to surf in Africa, then leap into a hefty 4×4 game drive vehicle like the Kruger National park only days later.

Kruger game drive south africa malaria
Kruger game drive

Surfing in Africa offers unique challenges too. Transport can be non-existent or crazy, flights are expensive and there could be war or disease. Do your research, check out your surf gear before you go. Take it all with you.


Things to Take with you

No one can surf without the ideal surf gear, right? First up – a board. Beginners need to choose the right board at the right price. Next up – a wetsuit and additional accessories such as fins, wax, leashes, bags and sunblock. Must surfers only need a board. Easy.

It takes sheer will, guts and a passport too to find the best places to surf in Africa. Take a few tips from Johnny Africa if you need to get there on the cheap. Or if you simply need guidance on the best places to see en route to meeting new friends in a barrel.

From Cape Town in the very south, to Casablanca in the very north. Hold onto your board and ride this wave with us…


Places We Rate as the Best to Surf in Africa

Morroco’s Taghazout fishing village

Grab your board and to surf the waves at Anchor Point, Boilers, Dracula’s, Anzas, Hash Point and Killer’s Point. Surf alone at Desert Point on a good day – long rides and 500 m swells close to the lake-like Med.


Senegal’s Dakar waves

Check out Le Vivier at high tide. Sit tight in amazing barrels the head to Club Med which offers bouncy reef waves, hard and fast that hit the shore. Hit the Secret early to avoid the crowds – exciting surf to left and right. Ouakam is “the Pipeline of West Africa!” Best surfed in winter if you want to ride strong A frames with plenty of barrels.

dakar surfing


Kenya’s Diani and Ukundu reef breaks

Reliable, constant large swells along this reef, barrel waves and time to shine. Kenya gets a mention in the Forbes 19 Best Places to Travel in 2019 so it better be good! Kenya is that place where you can swop your board for a game drive in a matter of hours. Mind the ships at scintillating Mombasa Channel, where waves break at the harbour entrance. Beginners watch for crocs and hippos at Malindi while barrelling huge waves. Surf Watuma Bay’s soft 300m waves in the mornings before the wind gets up.Diani beach Kenya


Angola’s Cabo Ledo

Explore 1500 km of sensational untouched coastline. Surf most beaches, still undiscovered by fellow surf travellers. For now. Head to Cabo Ledo in Bengo Province – ride this thrilling left hander point break for hundreds of metres into shore.


Mozambique’s 2470km of pristine seashore

From Ponta d’Ouro in the south, to Pemba in the north, Mozambique is a surfer’s utopia. Choose high tides at Ponto d’Ouro but mind the rips. Take your board to the break off the small point at Tofo but look out for rocks. Barra Beach offers a safe break off the beach and gather with locals to find a tube at Guinjala Bay. Also, did I forgot to mention that Mozambique has perhaps the best beaches in the entire world? Take a visit to the Quirimbas Archipelago in the very north and you will get an idea of what true unspoilt paradise looks like.mozambique surfing ponta


Namibia’s Skeleton Bay in winter

Crack the code on these huge, famous waves, with some barrels running for up to 2km along in shallow water. It is so cold no one is there. Also called Donkey Bay, stick around for 3-day swells on the wild Skeleton Coast.

sandwich harbor


South Africa’s choices

Top of the pops for the best places to surf in Africa – South Africa wins hands down. Find your favourite surf spot right here:


Jeffery’s Bay

World class surf spot with 800m long, never-ending swells and plenty of opportunity to get up and catch a wave. Head out to surf spots called Kitchen Window, Magnatubes, Boneyards, Supertubes, Impossibles, Salad Bowls, Coins, Tubes, The Point, and Albatross. Jeffrey’s Bay is one of the most famous surf spots in the world with regular international competitions being held here.jeffrey's Bay

Stop by and look at the hundreds of surfers catching waves on a road trip along the Garden Route.


Kommetjie, Cape Town

Long Beach has long and huge waves at high tide, worth a scary ride. Surf off the beach where breaks peak off on both sides of a sand bar, or head to the rocky corner where waters boil.


Noordhoek, Cape Town

Noordhoek is one of the most stunning beaches in South Africa in my opinion. Located along Chapman’s peak, this place is a perfect stop over before heading to Cape Point. Get on top of huge 2.5m waves at Dunes to ride endless tubes in fast crisp waters. Full wetsuits and experience essential. Beware the southeaster and wave to the friendly Shark Spotter!

Noordhoek Beach
Stunning Noordhoek Beach on the Chapman’s Peak drive



Warm and reliable, ideal for beginners and pros alike. Start at Dairy beach and head to uShaka Beach and Blue Lagoon at Umgeni River Mouth. You simply must surf Anstey’s or Brighton beach. Surfs can be very rough and huge.south africa surf durban


Hout Bay, Cape Town

Be afraid! Dungeons is big surf country. Get towed in around the corner from Hout Bay harbour and hit this deep reef break. Imagine catching 20-foot swells behind the Sentinel?



Crème de la crème and best place to surf in Africa! Everyone pulls in a Surfer’s Corner for a lesson, a surf, a swim, a coffee or a walk. Two reef breaks and more difficult waves just around the rocky point.Muizenberg Beach Cape Town



These are just a few of the best places to surf in Africa. Do your research, check out your surf gear, and book your tickets. You only live once – go surf waves of all shapes and sizes, meet friendly people and learn a new language. Grab a game drive as you get fit in Africa. Way to go.

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