The Best Football Games to See This Copa America


The 2019 edition of the Copa America started on Saturday with a match between Brazil and Bolivia in Sao Paulo. Brazil won 3-0.

The tournament began a 100 years ago but was modified in 1975 and since then the fans have witnessed amazing dramatic moments in the history of South American football.

A lot of the greatest players in football have been from South America and that makes the Copa America to offer lots of events that will be etched in the memory of the people.

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These are some of the best matches in the history of the game.


2001 – Brazil 0-2 Honduras

This match came as a shock in football history. Minnows Honduras made an incredible win over the amazing Brazil side almost a year prior to winning the World Cup.

Most betway fans may not have made easy predictions. The first goal was by Juliano Belleti who scored an own goal and gave Honduras the lead in the quarter-final. Almost before the match ended, Saul Martinez scored one goal to win the match for his country.

The defeat caused a lot of uproar and sports publications had several catchy titles to describe what they labelled a ‘historic shame’. At that time the Brazilian team were in the World Cup qualifiers then and this defeat put a lot of pressure on them.

The coach was mad at the fact that history will remember him as the Brazil coach that lost to Honduras, however he led the team to win their fifth World Cup later.


2004 – Argentina 2-2 Brazil (2-4 After Penalties)

Marcelo Bielsa was the coach of the Argentinian team that had Javier Zanetti, Carlos Tevez and Javier Mascherano as players. Brazil came with their full glorious Nike kits in the zenith of the Joga Bonito-era of football. The game was lit.

The contested fairly and after the first half, they were at 1-1. The second half went well too, everyone was anxious. Cesar Delgado scored at the 87th minute for the Argentines to lead, however, at the 93rd minute, Adriano ended the match in a signature style goal and it headed to the penalties.

Before the penalty started, a scuffle arose between the two teams and the police had to intervene before they could proceed. It was settled and Brazil won all their four penalties and became the winner of the greatest Copa America Finals. Brazil still remains a choice for betway users in current Copa America tournaments.


2007 – Uruguay 2-2 Brazil (4-5 pens)

Brazil still won Argentina in a second consecutive Copa America final in 2007. But the semi-final match with Uruguay still has its place in the history books.

At half time, Uruguay were on the losing side of the 2-1 match after Brazil players, Maicon and Julio Baptista scored. They equalized the game when one of their players Sebastien Abreu scored in the second half.

The game was settled in the penalties.

Forlan missed Uruguay’s first play, and they were unable to redeem it but in the end Brazil won the game and that was two finals in a row.

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