6 Essential Apps Every Las Vegas Traveler Should Download

Las Vegas is a populated city in Nevada. It is famous for its many casino resorts. Many people visit Las Vegas because of its entertainment, fine dining, gambling, fine dining, and shopping. As well, Las Vegas is the gateway to some of the world’s most beautiful national parks like Zion, Bryce, and Grand Canyon. Yet, many tourists struggle to find apps which offer different casino online games. Betway provides a wide variety of games such as Blackjack, Hit It Rich and Roulette. Every Las Vegas traveler should download the following apps.

Red Rock Canyon Las Vegas Nevada



MGM Grand Resorts created the MyVegas app. It combines Android, iPhone and Facebook apps thus allowing travelers to play slot machines and blackjack. You can earn real rewards by using virtual cash. They include show tickets, free hotel fees, and airfare. MyVegas encourages guests to eat, gamble and stay in their properties throughout their vacations. Check the fine print since guests are required to pay a daily resort fee for free hotel rooms.

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Insane rock formations in Death Valley, California


Hotel Tonight

Most last-minute travelers struggle to choose classy hotel rooms. Hotel Tonight tracks hotel offers a few nights before you travel to Las Vegas. You can browse through luxury properties with spacious rooms. The app offers low prices to guests who make direct hotel reservations. Hotel Tonight often runs promotions that enable holidaymakers to save up to 25 percent of their hotel fee.



All Las Vegas slot machines have ATM surcharges. AllPoint showcases all casinos that don’t inflate their ATMs hence increasing your savings. It allows you to cash out your winnings without paying extra fees. But, you can buy beer to make free Walgreens cashouts.


Casino Players Clubs

Many Las Vegas travelers like getting free things. It is advisable to join players clubs at certain properties to get some privileges. Caesar’s, MGM and Westgate are some of the most popular resorts in the populous city. They have players clubs that offer easy-to-use betting apps for an enjoyable gaming experience. The amount of money a gambler spends determines their reward.

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There are many established casinos to choose from. You can eat and gamble at any property once you join their players’ club. Besides, each casino has a mobile app that allows you to track your games.


WiFi Map

Most Las Vegas resorts charge clients got WiFi. However, you can download and install the WiFi Map app to save money. It guides users to nearby WiFi spots and provides them with passwords. You can use it to work online, attend an online class or play casino games in Betway.


 Square Cash

At times, it is tricky to send money to your friends when you travel as a group. Square Cash allows you to send any amount of money to other users. It makes instant cash transfers. Moreover, the app offers a bonus to new users. Square Cash rewards users for every transfer that their referrals make.

Las Vegas is an ideal holiday destination for adventurous travelers. It has 68 parks which include several dog parks, football fields, golf courses, senior centers, and skate parks. RTC Transit is the most common public transport system. You can use it to travel to Henderson, as Vegas and North Las Vegas. Las Vegas travelers can download apps such as Casino Players Clubs, Rideshare Services, Hotel Tonight and MyVegas for a memorable holiday experience.

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