Amazing Meals To Try Out When Visiting Tanzania For The First Time

One of the best experiences for most people visiting other countries includes the meal they get to try out. It is a major factor in determining the comfort of most visitors, especially when on holidays. The amazing meals are a major part of the fun of visiting Tanzania and Zanzibar Island.

andBeyond Under Canvas Serengeti

andBeyond Under Canvas Serengeti


For even more adventure, combine Tanzania with Kenya in my perfect two week itinerary for these amazing East African countries.


Tanzanian Food

Tanzania has a rich culture that displays their authentic delicacies and dishes. The fun and excitement of trying out a new meal can be amazing during your vacation. When visiting Tanzania, you are encouraged to try out the local Tanzania and Zanzibar delicacies. You can never tell which meal can become your favorite.

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We will be providing you with details on some tasty Tanzania delicacies. It is important to note that most Tanzania dishes are made out of corn, plantain, coconut, and some vegetables. So, Tanzania meals should not be a major challenge for you.

Although Tanzania meals are simple, they are mouth-watering and satisfactory. Here are some mouth-watering dishes you could try out whenever you are in Tanzania or Zanzibar Island.

  • Ugali: This is widely known as Tanzania’s national dish. Made from cornmeal served alongside with sauce and fish, meat, cooked vegetables or beans.
  • Nyama Choma: This meal means grilled meat and it is a popular delicacy in East The dish is prepared from a freshly botched meat and grilled on a metal fencing on a bed of hot charcoal.
  • Pilau: This meal is usually made during ceremonies or the weekends. The meal is best served with uncooked salad, chopped tomatoes, chili, and onions.
  • Chapatti Bread: This dish is very similar to the Indian flatbread. This meal is very popular among the locals. Among the locals, a special occasion is never complete without a Chapatti.
  • Mchmsho: This dish when translated means trouper, one of Tanzania specials. Although the meal is more popular in the northern part of the country, it is a delicious one and it is not commonly prepared because it is a bit expensive for the locals.
  • Ndizi Nyama: This meal made from green banana with meat and fish. The stew consists of a lot of vegs. The meal is served alongside rice or Ugali.
  • Supu ya Ndizi: It is a traditional soup made by pounding plantain and cooked with chicken stock seasoned with chili and salt.
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The Tanzania dishes are a true reflection of Tanzania’s history and geography. The country is rich with plantains, banana, coconut, rice, and cornmeal. Whenever you find yourself in this endowed country, you can try out one of two of their delightful cuisines.


Visit Tanzania’s sights

Another beautiful aspect of visiting Tanzania is the beautiful serenity and calm environs it provides. Especially the coral beaches of Zanzibar or the adventures of the chimpanzee forests along with the fun of climbing the Kilimanjaro or the endless savanna of the Serengeti. 

The Tanzania government has made the visa for Tanzania quite accessible for all. When traveling to Tanzania it is best to make use of the e-Visa. There are some requirements for Australian citizens for the Tanzania eVisa and other country citizens. Here is a list of needed requirements:

  • Copy of your Australian valid passport
  • 100 USD Visa fee
  • Return ticket
  • A proof that justifies your visit to Tanzania



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