5 Ways to Conveniently Enjoy South Africa with Your Family

There is nothing more fun or more relaxing than a nice, relaxing family getaway, finally, a chance to bond and have some quality time together without all the distractions and away from work and schools.

South Africa is one of the most beautiful countries to visit. You and your family will not get enough of the beautiful scenery, the friendly animals, the new cultures that you are going to be exposed to and meet new welcoming people.


1. Go on a Safari

South Africa is well known for its mind-blowing wildlife safari; after all, the country is full of open spaces, and animal reserves. Do not miss out on the chance of seeing your kids absolutely baffled by the exotic animals in their natural habitat. There you will get the chance of getting close to some of the most majestic animals you will ever see.


2. Dine with their Cuisine

Visiting a new country that is different from yours is absolutely refreshing and comes with a lot of perks; you can expect a lot of things to be different from your own country and that includes the food. The South African cuisine is absolutely delicious and quite different than any other food. You can visit plenty of resorts or restaurants, like Babel at Babylonstoren.

3. Dive at their Beaches

South Africa is the perfect destination for diving, and the beauty of it is that it is not specifically for certain people. Because the beautiful corals are very close to the surface anyone can see them including your kids as well. They happen to be under shallow waters, which means that your kids do not really have to be expert swimmers to go in the waters.


4. Book on Tours

Going on tours around the country, or the place that you’re staying in is the best; other than you’ll be going on awesome adventures you get to slowly watch the place from the car. You’ll be able to do that with europcar hire, not only will you be able to get to watch from afar, but also you’ll be getting bonus packages. For instance, one of the perks is that Europcar has my partners, and one of them happens to offer accommodation, tour operators, special events, and so much more.


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5. Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping is one of the most exhilarating experience you can you can put yourself through, and South Africa is one of the most suitable countries for that. South Africa has many parks that that is for bungee jumping beginners, and they are absolutely perfect. Bloukrans, located on the Garden Route, is the highest bungee bridge in the world. Needless to say, as you are jumping you will be getting a breathtaking view that you will never forget. 

Bloukrans South Africa

Jumping to my death in Bloukrans


Time Well Spent

Visiting South Africa is an experience for you and your family will never forget. Think of all the fun activities that you will be doing with your family, the relaxing quality time together, eating new food, seeing new sights, learning about different cultures, meeting new people with different histories and playing with all the animals.


It is definitely a trip that you and your family will always cherish and is one that you should go on.


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