5 Tips for Choosing Your Adventure Sports Destination in India


From snorkeling in lovely beaches and trekking on frozen rivers to water rappelling from the most thrilling and gorgeous waterfalls and rafting through thunderous rivers, India has gradually become the hub of adventure sports, thanks to the lively and daring youth of the country. While there are many destinations one can visit to experience such thrills, caution has to be taken. From maintaining your safety to having the maximum amount of fun, there are some things to keep in mind before you pack your bags and head for that crazy adventure. We’ve listed out five tips that will ensure you have a wonderful experience at the same time be safe.

Plan Ahead

The most important point before undertaking an adventure is to know exactly what you want. For experiencing water sports, look up places that offer good water adventures like surfing, skiing, rappelling, scuba diving, snorkeling, rafting etc. For other activities like trekking, parasailing etc., look up places that are safe and well-reviewed. Make sure you plan early and not at the last minute. This will give you enough time to do your homework on the sport, the area etc. as well as saving you money on flight tickets and hotel rooms. Fix your budget and choose a good adventure deal. Various seasonal discounts are available and make sure you check them out before booking.


Do Your Research

Do not venture to a place you know nothing about. One of the perks of living in a technologically advanced age is that now you can do a thorough research about the place you are traveling to. Look up the opinion of people, check out the details of the site, how the accommodation facilities are, if you’re traveling at a good time of the year, what are the emergency and health care facilities offered at the adventure site etc. All these details must be noted and reviewed before packing your bags for the journey.


Check the Weather and The Locality

Avoid monsoon and turbulent weather to ensure a fun trip. No one wants to get bogged down and trapped inside the hotel room due to rain or bad weather. Check out the best time of the year to visit the destination of your choice. Find out information about the nearby area. Check if the area has good network coverage and be well aware of the wildlife and nightlife of the surrounding areas in order to avoid nasty surprises.

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Be Well Acquainted with The Sport

Safety always comes first. If you are venturing into water sports, make sure you can swim well. Prepare well for your trip. Ensure that you are well trained, pay close attention and do what the guides tell you. It’s is important to stay calm and not to act on impulse. Read about your adventure location and pay heed to any warnings in the area. While it’s important to go nuts and have lots of fun, you should remember to also stay alert and not be distracted.


Converse with Others

Talking to people about their experiences will teach you a lot about the location, the services offered and adventure itself. Get advice on the safety of your chosen sport and the site. Online reviews are greatly helpful. Various sites also offer expert opinion on different sports which must be taken into account before you plan for your trip. No question is stupid and being shy will be regretted later.

These five tips help plan a successful holiday and a thrilling adventure. Avoid crowded spots for your adventures and always stay safe. Don’t forget to enjoy your trip.


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