5 Mistakes People Make On Their First Trip to Bangkok

Southeast Asia is a region that has many incredible places to tour. I’ve been to so many wonderful places whether it’s for scuba diving, or for visiting ancient temples. However, the most well known of the countries for sure Thailand. The Thai capital to be precise is one of the most popular hotspots for many travelers. This is because Bangkok is an exciting and fascinating city with a wide array of attractions. It exudes an unapologetic yet captivating demeanor that makes it even more appealing.bangkok

Flying to Bangkok has become relatively easy these days since the city is well served with diverse connections to other major capitals. You can easily book flights from Singapore to Bangkok with Cathay Pacific. The premier airline carrier offers incredible service, ensuring you enjoy your flight to your destination.

If you’re a first-time visitor to this place, there are a couple of this you need to watch out for in order to avoid having a lackluster trip. Many wide-eyed travelers normally run into unpleasant scenarios such as getting lost when touring the city or even experiencing hostility from the locals as a result of an unintended offense. To help you have an incredible trip to Bangkok, here’s a list of things you should avoid when touring the city.


Packing Heavy

Packing is an inevitable activity for any traveler; while it’s always advisable to only carry with you the most essential things, this is easier said than done. Bangkok is a place that has innumerable shopping centers and an endless list of local artifacts; packing light will ensure you have enough room to carry important artifacts you’ll buy while touring.bangkok thailand


Exchanging Foreign Currency Before the Trip

When traveling, you’re bound to transact in one way or another. Changing your cash into the local currency eliminates many inconveniences in your trip; still, how much money you change as well as where you change it is equally important. When touring Bangkok, avoid changing your currency in your home country.bangkok temples thailand

Converting your cash once you’ve arrived in Bangkok is the more suitable alternative as it provides far better rates. You can as well withdraw your money from the numerous ATMs that are available in the city which is always my preferred method of obtaining cash. In addition, credit card payments are also accepted in many restaurants and shopping centers nowadays which means more points and miles for you to continue your traveling! It’s also worth noting that you should avoid walking with too much cash when touring the city. This would ensure you still have some cash left with you in the unlikely event you lose the money you carried with you.

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Sim Card and Communication

Whether you’re traveling for two days or three months, keeping your loved ones posted about your trip is vital. Many tourists fall into the trap of getting excited about their destination to the point of forgetting how they’ll keep in touch once they’ve landed. Others completely ignore this issue. Getting a local sim card proves to be very beneficial when touring Bangkok. Besides having incredible call rates, you’ll always have telecommunication services throughout your visit.


Mode of Transportation

The Thai capital is always packed; many tourists always feel overwhelmed when they want to choose the appropriate mode of transportation to various destinations. Here’s a rule of thumb when moving from one place to the other in Bangkok; drivers always like to rip off naive tourists. Thus, doing a background check of the places you want to sight-see is very helpful. There are different modes of transportation available in this beautiful city some of which include taxis, buses, tuk-tuks, motor taxis, among others. They all cover specific distances, routes, and destinations; be sure to check the ones that you’ll use in your adventure while visiting the city.bangkok thailand


Booking of Hotel in the Wrong Location

Given how populous Bangkok is, special emphasis should always be placed when doing hotel reservation and booking. To avoid inconveniences such as being booked to a wrong hotel which is probably located on the wrong side of town, plan your trip via a reputable travel agency. You should always review the location of your hotel before traveling. Furthermore, consider choosing the ones that are near your intended activities. Since the city is known for its heavy traffic, it’d be shrewd to stay in a hotel that’s close to many of your preferred sightseeing areas. Of course, the last thing you’d want to deal with is crazy traffic jams that rob you of your precious time.bangkok temples thailand

Thailand is arguably one of the most beautiful countries in the world; when visiting its capital, keeping off the above pointers will ensure you fully enjoy your tour without any hiccups.

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