5 Fascinating Hiking Trails You Should Take to Unwind

There’s no better way to unwind than spending some time in nature. If you’re going outdoors, then consider hiking as an activity to help you connect with the environment around you. The scenic views plus that majestic feeling of having accomplished something can be achieved by exploring nature in all its glory.

Now pick your dates—perhaps head out around spring time when the weather is perfect. This is a great time to travel to some place cool and dry. Just pack your essentials along with a much-prepared picnic basket, a lightweight portable blanket you can cozy up to, and some trail mixes to get you through the climb.

You might want to check these trails off your bucket list:


The Japanese Alps, Honshu

Japan’s own version of The Alps in Honshu is a good destination for hikers who want to experience a different side of Tokyo’s busy streets. Close to five hours by private transportation from Tokyo, treks at the Kamikochi Valley offers breathtaking views as well as a few resorts to rest off your tired feet after the hike.


Redwood National Park, California

Home to one of thetallest trees in the world, Lady Bird Johnson Grove has a variety of hiking trails you can choose from. The natural park boasts of dramatic sceneries of the sunlight peeking through the trees’ trunks and the delightful sight of the azaleas during springtime.


The Sultan’s Trail

If you’re into long hike trails,consider adding the Sultan’s Trail to your bucket list. Spanning across nine countries from Istanbul v/v Austria, the route follows Suleiman the Magnificent’s journey by foot that took him 141 days to conquer. An adventurer’s dream, it is as well a perfect journey that will challenge one’s overall stamina.


El Chaltén, Argentina

While the Swiss Alps may have made its mark in the world, Argentina’s Los Glaciares National Park is a traveller’s haven waiting to be discovered. In full bloom during spring, this UNESCO World Heritage site will give you a delightful view of the snow-capped Mount Fitz Roy in Patagonia.


Olympic National Park, Washington

Gush of this national georeserve during spring season. A destination that lets you see the beautiful wilderness and its ecosystems, one of your best bets for a springtime activity isthe North Fork Skokomish River Trail. Hike through this trail and further discover the inspiring biodiversity at the Big Log Camp and Flapjack Lakes.

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These trails offer breathtaking views that will surely ease your mind. The cool breeze and being surrounded by nature’s true form will bring you peace you cannot possibly find in the busy streets of the city. Don’t fret—suit up, pack up, and take on the outdoor adventure of your life.

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