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5 Easy European Rail Routes to Cover In 2 Weeks Itinerary 

Europe may not have the fastest speed trains, but it can boast about the most affordable and convenient travel options within the Schengen zone. Most tourists prefer to travel by rail in Europe because of the lower costs, higher convenience, and of course, the scenic views!

You can go ahead and plan your European adventure by taking a night train for more convenience or just a normal train ride depending on the length of your journey, and all you need to consider are the different rail routes, the travel times, and the countries and cities you want to visit.

mountains belgrade bar train
Views of the mountains of Montenegro on the Belgrade to Bar train

 Here are some of the most popular European rail routes to cover in a few days’ itineraries.

  1. Diakopto to Kalavrita rail route – Get on this heritage railway that covers about 22 km in one hour. You will love the slow ride on the remaining narrow-gauge lines in southern Greece. The route dates back to 1895 and goes through the mountain towns, lush green forests, and hand-carved tunnels. You will cross 49 bridges as the train makes through the Vouraikos Gorge and the Mega Spilaion Monastery as you move up to Kalavryta. Enjoy spectacular views and get ready for an unparalleled journey during the ascents and descents. 
  2. Hungary to Slovakia rail route – You must take this rail route that will take you to the four great capitals of Europe: Bratislava, Vienna, Budapest, and Ljubljana. Explore the urban highlights from Hungary to Slovakia, and do not miss the opportunities for hiking and day trips to castles in between. Spend some enthralling days in those cities and wander around to soak in the local culture. Take a tour of old historical sites and or wander around the colorful neighborhood of Petrzalka before visiting castles, wineries, and old towns of Slovakia.


Village in slovenia
Slovenian villages
  • Zermatt to St Moritz rail route – If you are keen on seeing Switzerland in the slow lane, take the rail trip from Zermatt to St Moritz, which will last for a couple of hours. The route not only offers spectacular scenic views but also links the two most popular ski resorts in Switzerland. You will pass through rugged valleys and gaze at snowcapped peaks as you ride across the wilderness of alpine forests. Tourists do not want to miss out on all the excitement even for a second and always remain glued to the wide panoramic windows of the train. 
  • Zagreb to Bar rail route – One route that should be on your itinerary is Zagreb to Bar around the Balkan region. The train journey from Zagreb to Bar is one of the most scenic as well as underrated of all rail routes in Europe. On the way, you get the chance to explore the ruined old towns, find time to relax on beaches, and enjoy looking at the Brutalist architecture. The Zagreb to Bar rail route will take you across 435 bridges on its way, and every part of the rail trip is absolutely stunning. 
  • Venice Simplon Orient-Express rail route –Venice Simplon Orient-Express is referred to as the golden age of rail and takes you through the UK, France & Italy. The whole route takes about 24 hours to cover and is carried out on two heritage trains, the British Pullman and the VSOE. You can sit by the window for hours and watch those gorgeous mountains and lush meadows pass by. Enjoy a seasonal menu in the dining carriage or you can even ask for a special request.
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    Take any of the above-listed easy rail routes to discover Europe, and no matter which route you follow, you are promised a southbound journey and an unforgettable experience every time!

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