4 Ideas To Help You Stay Smart While Travelling


Travelling the world and having the chance to see the sights you have always dreamed of seeing is incredibly absorbing – which, for the most part, is highly advantageous. After all, the entire point of taking off to explore the globe and learn about local culture of each of your destinations is so you can be truly immersed in the experience; in the feel of something so unusual and separate from your usual day-to-day life.

On Lion's Head with a view

At the top of lion’s head and what a view it is!

However, the absorption of travelling alone does mean that one of the most important aspects of life can fall by the wayside: self-improvement, and particularly in regards to enhancing your knowledge. When you’re fully committed to the travelling experience, self improvement efforts tend to stall. While such a situation is understandable when you’re spending so much time soaking up the wonders of another country – and there’s definitely an argument to suggest that seeing the world is a form of self improvement in and of itself – it’s still far from ideal, so you may want to consider boosting your intelligence and achieving your self-improvement goals even while travelling, with one of the ideas below…


Learn a new language

Learning a new language is a fantastic choice for a traveller, as not only does the activity more than constitute an excellent choice for self improvement, it’s also inherently useful to your travelling experience too. Consider choosing a language that you’ll find beneficial for your future travel plans; for example, if your ‘dream destination’ is Peru, then focus on learning as much Spanish as possible, so when you finally get the chance to visit, the experience will be all the better thanks to your mastery of the national language.

Machu Picchu amazing view


Write a blog

Another way to hone your intellect – and your way with words – while travelling is to start a blog, jotting down all of the wonderful things you see, do, and experience while making your way around the world. You can take the opportunity to practice different writing styles, letting inspiration strike and then taking to the keyboard and letting your creative instincts do the rest. What’s more, your blog entries can also serve as a great way of recording the amazing things you experience while travelling – a win/win scenario.blogging for money


Take an online course in the subject of your choice

Online courses are a great way to learn a language, but that’s not all you can learn while you’re on the move; providers such as Udemy are a great choice if you’re looking to improve any skills. Perhaps you’d like to be able to take outstanding photographs of all of your chosen destinations, or learn coding in the hopes of one day achieving that true digital nomad lifestyle; whatever your wish, an online course is a great way to achieve self improvement. Read through a Udemy review and you’ll quickly see how useful the courses from this popular provider can be, as well as how the flexible nature each of course is fully conducive to studying while you’re exploring the world.


Keep reading

Reading is a wonderful choice for anyone seeking self improvement and, in an age of superlight e-readers, is incredibly simple to do while travelling – and is a particularly good choice for those long waits at airports. What you choose to read is largely your choice; maybe you’d like to read a non-fiction book on a subject that fascinates you, sample the latest Booker Prize winners to lose yourself in the world of high-brow fiction, or maybe the latest beach reads are calling you; whichever you select, reading is always a boost that expands your horizons and widens your worldview.


In conclusion

As exciting as travelling will always be, combining the time you spend journeying around the world with a focus on self improvement – especially by following the methods above – can help to make an already-good experience all the better.

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